SCA-High 192 Poptop Roof
SCA-High 192 Poptop Roof
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A completely new development and the use of the technically demanding vacuum expansion process for the production of the roof shell – an innovation in this product range – form the basis for the production of a sleeper roof with many advantages.

The high scissor lifts provide significantly more legroom and enable a sleeping position to be adopted with the head to the rear. The lift has been increased by 25 cm compared with the previous solution.

High-quality slats with an aluminium frame provide even more comfort when reclining and sleeping.

The curvature of the slats provides more headroom for rear-seat passengers when the bed is folded down and the roof closed.

The new Southco locks with integral safety bolts enable the roof to be locked easily and securely.

The roof shell is manufactured using the sophisticated vacuum expansion process. This guarantees accurate and consistent wall thicknesses and enables the external surface of the roof shell to be smooth and non-profiled – an ideal prerequisite for direct attachment of thin solar films just a few millimetres thick without significantly increasing the overall height of the vehicle.

SCA-High 192 Poptop Roofs

Technical data:

SCA-High 192 Poptop Roofs
SCA-High 192 Poptop Roofs
SCA 192 Poptop Roof Prices
- Scenic Canvas
- Alloy Bed Frame with Sprung Wood Slats for Extra Comfort
- Foam Mattress
- Rear Shocks to Stabilize Side Movement
- Side Locking System
- Galvanised 360 Degree Reinforcement Safety Frame
- White or Black Gel Coat Finish to Top
- Cab Ceiling Tidy Cover (So you don't see the canvas when roof is down.)
Total Price Fitted

- Colour Code to Your Choice of Exterior Paint

Why Install a Poptop Roof

The addition of a poptop roof, you can create a more practical and spacious solution for added living and sleeping space, as well as creating a pleasant experience for your passengers in your campervan.

Poptop roofs don't just serve this purpose; they can also create ample space for additional storage and supplies needed for your journey, as well as give you fantastic views of your surroundings in your chosen location.

Our VW T5 and T6 pop tops score highly on looks, practicality and ease of use, making them the ideal addition for your camper. We can not only create a securely fitting poptop for your camper, but we can also offer professional installation, so you know the job is getting done right.

See our Price List above, if you have any questions about fitting a poptop roof to your VW Camper, don't hesitate to contact us.

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