Camper Van Hire FAQ's
Camper Van Hire FAQ's
What insurance cover is included?

Fully comprehensive insurance for one driver is included in the cost of your rental. There is an excess on the policy of £750.00 which means you are responsible for up to this amount should you damage the camper or damage any third party property.

Can I take the camper off the mainland UK?

Yes, we can arrange for the extra insurance and documents that you will require to take the vehicles off the mainland UK for a small charge.

Can I bring a dog?

Yes, we do have dog friendly campers but we ask for a small fee to cover the additional cleaning charges.

Are the collection and return times flexible?

Unfortunately to give us adequate time to get the campers ready for the next hirer we do need the collection and return times to be adhered to.

Can I drive on a normal UK driving licence?

Yes. All you need is to have held a full UK Licence for longer than 2 years.

What if my licence is issued outside of the UK?

Please contact the office if you drive on a non-UK and we will do our best to obtain insurance clearance.

Is there anywhere to leave my vehicle whilst I hire?

Yes, we have a large secure car park on site where you can leave your own vehicle (at your own risk). If you intend to leave your car here, please let us know and we will make sure we have a space for you.

Will I be given instructions on how to use the camper?

Yes, we will give you a full handover which takes about 25 minutes which shows you how everything works. There is also an instruction manual left in each camper to help you.

Do I have to leave a £750.00 deposit?

Unfortunately, the insurance provider insists that you pay a £750.00 deposit on a debit or credit card in the driver’s name. This is the excess amount on your insurance policy which means this is the maximum amount you would be liable for should you return the vehicle with any new damage or damage any third-party property with the vehicle.

Can I pay with someone else’s debit or credit card?

Unfortunately, the insurance provider insists that the payment is made using a card in the driver's name as they use this as another form of identification.

How quickly will it take for me to get my deposit refunded?

We try and return the deposits within 48 hours of the vehicle being returned. We will have a quick look at it upon return but will inspect it in more detail over the following 48 hours and refund it onto your card accordingly. It may take a couple of days for your bank to process the refund.

Can I hire if I am over 70 or under 25 years old?

We will do our best to try and get clearance from our insurance provider but it can depend on other factors so please call the office and we will go through everything with you.

Can I hire if I have points on my licence?

We can get clearance from our insurance provider depending on what the points are, when they are from and how many you have.

Can I have more than one driver?

Yes, you can have up to 2 additional drivers at a cost of £8.00 per day.

I don't have two forms of address identification, can I still hire?

Unfortunately, the insurance company are very strict with what identification you are required to provide and they insist we see a utility bill dated within the last 3 months AND a bank statement, credit card statement, council tax bill or mortgage statement dated within the last 3 months. Without this identification we would not be able to hire to you.

Can I do more than 200 miles per day?

An allowance of 200 miles per day is included in your hire rate. Should you drive over this allowance, any additional mileage is charged at 20 pence per mile.

Do I have to refill the camper with fuel?

We operate a full-to-full fuel system so please refill it ready for the next customer before you return it to us. There is a fuel station approx. 200m from the office.

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